81 mark in seven tourneys, as he was sidelined much

81 mark in seven tourneys, as he was sidelined much

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Paul leads the team in stroke average with a 70.46 figure, followed by Juel Berg (72.11) and Freeman (72.66); all three have played in all 12 major tournaments this season. Souza owns a 73.81 mark in seven tourneys, as he was sidelined much of the fall with a back injury; he had some back issues arise late in last week’s Pac 12 Championships but should be fine for the regional. The two freshmen figure to duke it out for the final spot, as Belk (74.17) and Macdonald (74.44) currently own the sixth and eighth best frosh averages, respectively, in school history.. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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