Among those honoured with mysteries were Isis and

Among those honoured with mysteries were Isis and

Launched into online stardom the night of the final presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, the interactive Internet satire has been updated to reflect the election outcome. Click on PalinasPresident and instead of getting the game perhaps the single most elaborate one of the campaign cycle the page loads with a calm picture of the Oval Office at night, with two champagne glasses on the president’s desk, along with a bottle of bubbly, wrapped in an Obama sign and cooling in an ice bucket. I’m no misogynist (not with two bright, talented and independent daughters!), so I don’t want the resident wingnuts here to accuse me of Palin bashing..

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canada goose finance uk Eleusinian MysteriesMysteries in the ancient world were secret cults, requiring initiation ceremonies for those wishing to participate. Among those honoured with mysteries were Isis and Cybele, but by far the best known were the Eleusinian Mysteries, centred on Eleusis in Attica, and devoted to the worship of demeter and dionysus (here the son of Zeus and Demeter, not Semele). Most Athenian citizens were initiated at some time in their lives.. canada goose finance uk

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