I have to be better, no matter what physical

I have to be better, no matter what physical

They play together. They stay together. It goes back to when adversity hits, you are going to run together instead of running apart, and I think we have done a good job of that and maintaining that throughout the year because there have been difficult moments and these guys have remained together and stayed together and have done well in the past month and a half.

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College of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesUH HomeCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesNews and EventsNews Archives2018NovemberNews and EventsDr. Rheeda L. Walker, associate professor of psychology, will be named an American Psychological Association (APA) Fellow in 2019.

There’s nothing the slightest bit unique about any of that, except Nolan was my favorite guy before he even became a member of the Texas Rangers. The Rangers are the only team close enough to where I grew up for me to ever go and see. Thing here is, I admire the power pitchers, and the point is I always did.

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