If Whitlam hadn’t had the courage of his convictions

If Whitlam hadn’t had the courage of his convictions

canada goose But this isn’t just a story of a clever guy outwitting lax fact checkers and revealing a site’s conservative biases. It also sheds light on the way right leaning commentators depend on the voice of an imagined white working class to legitimize and advance their own viewpoints viewpoints that are often opposed to those of the real working class. And it’s not just websites like Quillette that fall for that hoax.

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canada goose parka uk sale Click to get this free reportTilly’s, Inc. (TLYS) : Free Stock Analysis ReportCanada Goose Holdings Inc. (GOOS) : Free Stock Analysis ReportChico’s FAS, Inc. But that argument really reinforces the view that political parties seek to obtain government for its own sake (or at best to keep the other mob out of government) rather than to do what they believe is necessary for the country.In the current case, it would mean the Liberal Party is more concerned about staying in power than it is about fixing what they keep asserting is a budget emergency.Remember, it is basically accepted wisdom these days that the decline and demise of the (first) Rudd government stemmed from the decision by Mr Rudd not to call a double dissolution election in an effort to get his carbon pricing legislation passed, precisely because it signalled that he didn’t really believe what he had said about climate change being “the greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time”.The modern day Liberal Party may baulk at any suggestion it has something it could learn from Gough Whitlam’s government, but despite its controversial and messy demise, Mr Whitlam’s time in government also included a very significant positive political example that should not be forgotten or dismissed namely, his decision to risk his hold on government, despite having only just got there after 23 years in opposition, in order to pass legislative changes he believed were crucial for Australia’s future.Whitlam’s preparedness to do so in 1974 only 18 months after winning government saw him lose a few seats but retain government, leading to what is still the only time a joint sitting was used to get bills passed through the Parliament.If Whitlam hadn’t had the courage of his convictions, we would never have got what is now Medicare. Laws that introduced the ‘one vote one value’ principle to House of Representative elections and gave Senate representation to people in the ACT Northern Territory also only passed because of Whitlam’s decision to use the double dissolution mechanism.Unless Mr Abbott is willing to use the Senate deadlock breaking mechanism that is readily available to him, the public are entitled to believe that his frequent exhortations about a budget emergency and the importance of the many budget measures sitting unpassed in the Senate are as hollow as Kevin Rudd’s claims about the importance of climate change.Andrew Bartlett is a former leader of the Australian Democrats and was a Senator for Queensland from 1997 2008. He stood as a candidate with the Queensland Greens at the 2010 federal election canada goose parka uk sale.

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