I’m sorry that your parents are no longer with you

I’m sorry that your parents are no longer with you

Wishing you more happiness and it sounds like it is coming your way in small tokens. I’m sorry that your parents are no longer with you an unwelcomed life change, and one I don’t look forward to in any way. Stay strong and keep reflecting on the positive like you have here..

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“These guys have off days in training camp, as well,” Judge said. “One of the advantages of having it at our facility (in New Jersey) is these guys have a chance to go home and see their wives and kids as well on the off days, which is a big part of it. That’s a big part of it.

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As most know through legend or life, Bud Grant kept his players without gloves and heaters. As a fan I joined others in taking great pride in the toughness of our football team. I recall games versus the Rams and Cowboys where they would be huddled around a single heater, two or three rows deep, close together trying to create enough warmth to avoid frost bite.

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