It’s only fitting, then, that these two titans

It’s only fitting, then, that these two titans

Known for fried chicken it’s drawn the likes of Beyonc and Jay Z Buck’s in Wicker Park also serves a sensational brunch. The Shrimp and Grits presents two pan fried, head on prawns tossed in a tasso ham gravy and tucked into a delicious mess of slow cooked cheesy Geechie Boy grits finished with sliced scallions. For a bit more green, opt for the Fried Green Tomato Benedict.

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Take a journey to BethlehemAll wise men head there, right? Bethlehem, Pa. Is Christmas City USA and fully embraces the season. The entire town is covered in lights, they have a live advent calendar (trust us, you don’t want to miss it), a gazillion putzes (a traditional Moravian Christmas decoration) and there’s even a star.

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