Jon Williams, president of the Atlantic Red Crab Co

Jon Williams, president of the Atlantic Red Crab Co

Lacking any way to steer or power the unwieldy raft that bore his hut, the 19 year old drifted across the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. The small hut sat on a rectangular wooden platform and was protected by a thatched roof. Inside, he had a walkie talkie, a small stove and a generator.

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canada goose He notes that the underwater wilderness is unexploited by commercial fishing, mining or drilling.”It’s going to be increasingly important as climate change, its impacts increase,” Sewell says.”We don’t normally create laws in this country by the stroke of an imperial pen,” says Bob Vanasse, a spokesman for the National Coalition for Fishing Communities.He adds, “This is not only an end run around Congress, it’s an end run around the entire system the Congress created to protect these ocean resources.”Vanasse says the move will seriously hurt the fishing industry: “We anticipate the offshore lobster industry will be affected to the tune of about $10 million per year. On top of that, one of the most affected industries is going to be the Atlantic red crab industry. It is going to be very significantly impacted.”Senior administration officials say to mitigate the financial harm, they’re designating a smaller area than planned, and lobster and red crab fisheries have been given a seven year grace period before they have to comply.Jon Williams, president of the Atlantic Red Crab Co. canada goose

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canada goose uk black friday The Congressional Budget Office estimates the plan will cost about $1.2trillion over 30 years.After a draft of the new policy leaked in mid January, disarmament advocates assailed the Trump administration for pursuing what they described as unnecessary new nuclear weapons that could start an arms race and increase the likelihood of nuclear war. Nuclear strike by mentioning cyberattacks in the list of non nuclear strategic threats.At the Pentagon, officials denied those accusations. They said the new policy, if anything, raises the threshold for nuclear strikes canada goose uk black friday.

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