Large square outdoor sitting area (off the lobby) is

Large square outdoor sitting area (off the lobby) is

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Just want to show as much appreciation to this area as I can, said Burrow. Those shirts will be very popular if they ever go on sale Nice reminder that the Bengals have gone 20 seasons without a playoff win and have had four, No. 1 picks in the last 30 years.

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Where the NFL players stay close to huge restaurant selectionReviewed October 28, 2011 Business oriented Marriott Renaissance hotel, attached to a mall with 250+ stores and restaurants. Large square outdoor sitting area (off the lobby) is great with no mosquitos able to get into the area, surrounded eight stories high by the rooms / meeting areas with a centerpiece large fountain brought down a little in the atmosphere by it also being a smoking area. Nice touch of having iced water with lemon and mint available self serve in the lobby.

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