MKF Dollars were previously referred to as

MKF Dollars were previously referred to as

By CHARLIE De BIASE JR.In fact, as June approaches, more names will likely start popping up as seniors, who are quickly approaching the three quarters mark of the 2019 20 school year, start making decisions.The current batch of recent signees includes one soccer player, one softball player and one basketball player. The hoopster, in fact, is a recent 1,000 point scorer.The 17 year old Lombardo played left or right fullback with the Pirates over his four year career and he plans to do the same with the Division 3 Kangaroos.Lombardo said coach Tim Penrod and his coaching staff first discovered him when he was playing travel ball for Cedar Stars. After contacting him, he was invited to a camp at Canton before they went to watch him play one more time.”After that, they offered me a spot on the team, said the Arden Heights resident, who had a goal and an assist in 2019 for Tottenville.

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