Now, before you car junkies go nuts, I know it’s not

Now, before you car junkies go nuts, I know it’s not

In spite of all these undertakings, recent reports have it that some companies still ignore what the possible cons of hazardous waste can do to the environment. The most recent to have been found guilty is Wal Mart, who was ordered to pay the government of California $27.6 million dollars for illegally dumping fertilizers, pesticides, aerosols, paint and many other hazardous wastes, into California’s environment. Part of the settlement will be used to pay for the rehabilitation of California’s degraded waterways..

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cheap jerseys FacebookThe charges against the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, the healthcare worker shot dead by police in her own home, have been dropped by the prosecution.Kenneth Walker was charged with attempted murder and assault after he opened fire, striking and injuring a Louisville Metro Police Department sergeant during a drug raid on 13 March.Ms Taylor, a decorated Emergency Medical Technician, was shot multiple times and killed when police officers returned fire.Commonwealth of Kentucky prosecutor Tom Wine is asking a court to dismiss the pending grand jury indictment against Mr Walker until investigations by the FBI, the US Attorney’s office and the state attorney general’s office could be completed, NBC News reports.”If after those reviews we believe there is sufficient evidence to present this matter to the grand jury, we will do so,” Mr Wine said at a news conference. He also complained about “false information” about the actions of officers, presenting audio evidence of what happened during the raid.The misinformation stems from social media posts and differing accounts as to whether the police knocked or banged on the door before entering the apartment. They officers had a “no knock” warrant allowing them to burst in, but say that they banged on the door anyway and announced that they had a search warrant.Mr Walker claims that he believed that it was an ex boyfriend of Ms Taylor at the door and that he was scared cheap jerseys.

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