Once again, I find the only thing I regularly watch

Once again, I find the only thing I regularly watch

By combining all of these unique measurements, researchers can acquire information about a single path through the Milky Way. To further enhance the picture information must be gathered from a variety of sources a need filled by 26 different observing projects that netted a total of 41,330 individual measurements. To give you a clue of the size, that ends up being about one radio source per square degree of sky!.

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Early reports from Redskins practice say that RB Tim Hightower was only a partial participant at practice on Wednesday. The Eagles, formerly known as “The Dream Team” for about 3 weeks, is no stranger to giving up massive chunks of yards on the ground. Their new defensive alignment that is the talk of the month, the “wide 9”, and appearantly its allowing opposing rushers to waltz through the Philly line at their leisure.

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Just eight weeks before the tragedy in Newtown, CT, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) called for new community safety efforts and gun control legislation. But the buck does not stop on Capitol Hill or the offices of your local school district. It important for parents to take similar steps in their own homes.

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