Save room for a side of tater tots and a pint of

Save room for a side of tater tots and a pint of

In the second half, Capital stretched its lead to eight points twice. But Marietta came back and knotted the score 48 all on Mike Hall bucket and bonus freebie at the 11:43 mark. After Shuler three broke the deadlock, the Pioneers never looked back and ultimately extended their lead into double digits..

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Scott: Let’s talk about Eric Brotman, though. Eric is a financial adviser who has a pretty large financial advisory firm and he’s come on today giving us a boat load of information about how to shelter money from the government, how to set up a tax diversification system and really think through some things and their consequences, both over the course of your wealth accumulation lifetime and as that pertains to passing money to the next generation. So, very excited for this show..

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