Scientists have been observing and measuring these

Scientists have been observing and measuring these

Of course, the first thing that stood out to the Bills Mafia was four prime time games. Last year when the schedule was released, the Bills were the only team without a prime time game. Of course, Buffalo did have a Thanksgiving Day game against the Dallas Cowboys and a matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers was later flexed to Sunday Night Football, but many saw the original schedule as a sign of disrespect.

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In some ways, the coaches who call the shots on the field impact the bottom line much the same as the billionaires who own them. But unlike the owners, the coaches are in a transient profession. They are notoriously replaceable, and those decisions are almost exclusively based on the win loss record..

Ditka was unapologetic about the move. “We will see who gets the last laugh,” he said not long after the draft. If anyone knew football, it was Ditka. “We want to have the basketball practicing again. We would love to have the Major League Baseball. And I think the message is that our people are starved to have some of this back in their lives.

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