Sophia Fish, a junior rhetoric major and a creative

Sophia Fish, a junior rhetoric major and a creative

A work of art is the trace of magnificent struggle. Mostly we have observed that women have been embroiled in a constant struggle as many believe that a woman should appear in a particular way or size, for example that a female figure must be of 36 24 36. Moreover the females who do not fit into this ideal image are often persecuted (ill treated) by society since ages for their skin colour and body size.

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When it comes to normcore at UC Berkeley, matters of intentionality loom large. Are you only normcore if you intend to be? It’s quite possible that students are wearing the same old Tevas and nondescript hoodies they always have, but now, because of normcore, these outfits pass as trendy. Sophia Fish, a junior rhetoric major and a creative director at BARE Magazine, agrees.

The government is trying, the philanthropists are trying, but we need to do more. We need to ensure that a reasonable amount of food supplies is provided to everyone living below minimum wages. We need to make homeless shelters as fast as we are building field hospitals.

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