That experience will come into play and we be able

That experience will come into play and we be able

Fox, hawks,weasel, racoons, and owls eat small animals like frogs, grass snakes, voles and chipmunks. Tertiary consumers, like wolves, lynx, bear and cougars, are the only animals strong enough to kill deer or elk.The food chain can be simpler or more complex like food webs. In fact, canopy level and understory trees are a primary food source for the diverse groups of animals that live in a rainforest.

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Basics about FD Red 40 and possible behavioral effectsThe purpose of this page is to introduce or support the concept that Red food dye CAN affect some people, especially a small percentage of children. These children are vulnerable to anything inflammatory or auto immunity problems. There may be other unknown reasons they are susceptible to symptomatic behavioral effects the food dye seems to have..

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