The PYD’srole on the front lines of the war

The PYD’srole on the front lines of the war

Calgary raised nearly $50 million for its 18 branches from 18,000 donors or one in every 100 Calgarians. And The Ottawa Public Library is fundraising $15 million for its new central libraryThat so many Canadians are willing to support their library speaks to the integral role they play in our cities and towns even if governments see them as easy cutsthink libraries are quiet spaces full of books, says Ab Velasco, manager of Innovation for Toronto Public Library. We busy, we loud and vibrant.

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canada goose outlet canada goose outlet belgium As WorldViews noted earlier, theterritorial gains made by Syrian Kurdish militiasover the past two years had ripple effects across the border. The Turkish government, which has spent decades attempting to subdueKurdish separatist ambitions, looked on with horror as the PYD, a Syrian Kurdish faction historically linked to the PKK, emerged asa key player in northern Syria. The PYD’srole on the front lines of the war againstthe Islamic State endeared it to the West, including the United States, which gave it aid.. canada goose outlet belgium

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