The responses of people in Metro Vancouver are

The responses of people in Metro Vancouver are

Spanier, who served as University president was ousted by unanimous vote by the Board of Trustees after he vocally supported Curley and Schultz. Now, a Senior Navy official has announced that Spanier’s membership on the Board of Advisers to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey is likely to be discontinued. Members are nominated to serve on that board for four year terms.

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wholesale jerseys from china A new poll, commissioned by Amalgamated Cheap Jerseys from china Transit Union Canada and conducted by Probe Research, found that a majority of respondents in Metro Vancouver (77 per cent) supported the idea of the federal government providing emergency cash to public transit systems.The results came as no surprise to Jonathan Cot the chair of TransLink Mayors Council. He said since the news came out last month that TransLink is losing $75 million per month and service reductions were announced, he has received countless emails from transit users.think there a great level of support with Metro Vancouver residents to ensure that we have a viable transit service during this crisis and also during the recovery, and I think that reflected in the results of the poll, Cot said.The online survey involved 1,500 Canadians in 12 cities or urban regions, including 202 in the Greater Vancouver area.Those surveyed agreed that governments have a responsibility to ensure people everywhere can access safe, reliable and affordable public transit (86 per cent) and that since private transportation companies such as airlines have received federal funding during the pandemic, public transit should as well (81 per cent).The responses of people in Metro Vancouver are consistent with those in other jurisdictions surveyed.Amalgamated Transit Union Canada, which represents workers across the country, including HandyDART and West Vancouver Blue Bus employees in Metro Vancouver, has called for a $5 billion bailout over 12 months, which president John Di Nino said should come from the Canada Infrastructure Bank.federal government has $28 billion sitting in a nest egg for future development of public transit. We can ill afford to worry about 10 years down the road if we can sustain the transit we have today, Di Nino said.The Canadian Urban Transit Association requested a $1.2 billion emergency fund plus $400 million per month and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities asked for $10 billion in emergency operating funding for local governments, with $2.4 billion allocated based on transit ridership.TransLink announced last week that it was halting planned service cuts including the cancellation of 41 bus routes and rescinding almost 1,500 layoff notices thanks to an as yet unspecified financial commitment from the province. wholesale jerseys from china

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