This means that at a minimum it valued at around

This means that at a minimum it valued at around

Home I been prodding my bread in the center, one contestant says through an uneasy smile, I know Paul Hollywood does that. The judge is fond of issuing stern warnings to contestants who attempt to soar too close to the Sun on wax paper wings by, for example, using unorthodox taste combinations. Great with your flavors a lot of the time, Hollywood tells one ambitious man.

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The Series C round takes the total amount raised by Mapbox to about $228 million. Mapbox is not disclosing its valuation, but at its last round (in 2015) it was valued at around $203 million according to PitchBook. This means that at a minimum it valued at around $370 million with this round, but I guessing it closer to $400 million $500 million post money with this latest investment.

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