This picture was taken at the 80th km when we had

This picture was taken at the 80th km when we had

We grateful for that.”Imam Muhammad Sulaiman, the mosque spiritual leader, stepped out of the building at the end of the adhan with a cup of water in his hand to greet the onlookers and signal it was time to break the fast. It blatantly laid out, you are not permitted to enter Newfoundland.””It difficult enough grieving your mother and trying to figure out logistics of everything, but then to wait three and a half business days. I am a Newfoundlander through and through,” said Taylor.

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Throwback to some incredible memories made and lived on the way to fuji from tokyo! The last long run of 2019! We covered a distance of 110kms in 2 days. Definitely not the easiest since it was all uphill but the most scenic for sure! So green, so clean, humble people all around made me fall in love with this country. This picture was taken at the 80th km when we had the first glance of mountfuji.

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