You doing is deliberately lying

You doing is deliberately lying

I agree that a “When Jesus Touched” article would be quite interesting, but I also love how Jesus is a focus in this “When God Touches” article too. I think the table is great, and you should definitely keep it, but I think a short text to describe how God touched through Jesus would be appropriate. Nothing grand, just some insight and thoughts about how God touched Jesus and the people around him..

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You don inform us as to their positions. When they get fair coverage, people will take note of them. As things are, it a miracle that even 2% vote for them. I dont think there is anything wrong with campaigning for your spouse, but to act as your spouses attack dog makes a mockery of our democratic process. The fact that Bill is a former president and behaving this way makes more Americans feel increasing disenchanted with voting that I wont be suprised that a Republican would win another four years in the White House. I can place all the blame on Bill though because Hillary campaign hasn yet stopped him with these tactics.

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